Badluck prematching with toxic peoples.. how do you guys go around it?

Hello everyone. I'll start introducing myself as a second-account player. My first account got banned due to my toxic activities, but i turned a new leaf, noticing more enjoyment if i kept my optimistic behavior and getting the same feelings back from other players. But prematching with players who are toxic is inevitable, and the worst of all is that they come in a lot of different variaties. **My question is: how do you guys get a long with it? ** I experienced a game today as ADC which didn't go well for me... my stats was pretty shit (0/9, but then with 6/10 after winning the game) but i didn't feel humble enough to take the initiative and apologize for it. I implored my support to play more passively because of my stats, but I eventually get flamed outrageously (from all directions) due to my stats. I did try to explain it multiple times, but i was certain that they were toxic. Why? The amount of flying asterisks, the spam alert on every action i made, and to resort to using allchat to report me. I understand that one error on my part was mentioning 1 of the asterisk flamer being a bronze player, which was explainable for his explosive insult (which he in fact was), but shouldn't be a reason for him to explode further on all chat and twist words by saying "he said we're losing, because i'm bronze". In fact, he flamed me saying "it's because u *****ng suck" Selfdefense is an obvious act when you get attacked, so i had to explain the details why it went bad. It was granted that i must explain why due to my bad stats, but also because the players resorted asking the allchat to report me. So i replied back with: "please mute that guy. he was being toxic to me". I started to question myself whether that remark i made wasn't toxic at all... If my stats weren't bad, then i wouldve stayed quiet (since you wont get in trouble when u get reported), but i felt obliged to respond since my stats were shit. So after i won the game, i honored my jungle whom i thought was being respectable within the game (i even said i honored him because of that) but allas, he flamed in asterisk at me xDD I understand that staying quiet is a good solution against toxic players... but it felt like this wasnt one of those times... what do you guys think?
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