Shoutout to Yuumi who untilted me

Had a really bad start as Ahri vs LB, got firstblooded by Lee who ganked from our raptors, and lost a lot of lane pressure, and then LB roamed bot and killed our ADC while Warwick came into my lane and started farming while I was there. LB roamed a few more times, top lane was a shit show, ADC and JG were flaming everyone. Yuumi told me to take a deep breath and that I would be fine in lane, as a gold playing in bronze elo. She then told ADC and JG to shut up, and continued to provide emotional support all throughout the game. We ended up untilting and following Yuumi's instructions to group, and won the game. This guy's skill extended beyond macros and micros, he/she was a real support both in-game and in real life.
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