First time penalties

So i would like to get some attention on to first time penalties as i think they are too harsh. i think a first time penalty should encourage players to turn their aditudes around and keep being good, rather than destroy their will to do so. right now it feels like one bad game outweights hundreds of good ones and even years of good behaviour. i will use my own situation as an example. Also note that i belive i deserved a penalty, just not this harsh. So to give some context i have been playing since end of season 2, i got the rewards from the old honor system and had a banner back in the day. ive recived ranked rewards for every season. And i have been honor lvl 5 ever since the new honor system launched. so i would say im a pretty honorable player. Now like every season i was already honor lvl 5. I recived my first ever chat restriction since starting to play in season 2. the chat resriction was for 10 games BUT i also lost all my honor progress and my honor level was set to 1. its basicly the end of season already and getting my honor up to lvl 2 again to recive any of the rewards availeable for me is close to impossible. So my issue is that why should my first ever penalty be so harsh that i possibly cant even redeem myself? how does this make me as a player want to be better? it simply doesnt. one bad game is outweighing hundreds of good ones and years of good behaviour. I think some penalty must be given. But for first time penalties this is too harsh, it does not encourage players to be better, its rather defeating instead. i really hope Riot looks into this and finds a better solution for first time penalties that makes players want to do better rather than give up. EDIT: Basicly what i would want is a system that actually tell you before punishing you that your behaviour isnt acceptable. the system dont tell you that you are about to get a penalty and whats acceoptable or not. shouldnt there be a mesage for first time offenders that they are at risk? something in the lines of: "Hello summoner, we have detected that your recent behaviour isnt very sportsmanlike, if you dont fix your aditude you risk being punished" ? Cause as someone that havent been punished before i have no clue where the line is, and what i see promoted online that is in the spotlight n doesnt get penalized makes it hard to know where the line goes.
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