account banning and give the fully reason ( plz be fair and give the punishment in right)

as i told early i got 7 day ban fr no reason 2 months ago and when i asked about u guys told me that was ur mistake and u guys remove the ban and gave me 25 match chat restract 4 no reason . and now u guys again telling me toxic and suspended my account .but u didnt even give me 7 days ban or 14 days ban . u guys cant ban account with out that 7 day or 14 day suspesion . and allso im 4 yars playing this game and im a old player .so if u can plz tell me how to block chat in game and give me a chance . i mean i should give the chance because i didnt get 7 days or 14 days ban . so plz give the accout back .if u say im toxic i accept that 7 day or 14 days ban . and plz tell me how to remove chat .because i really need this account and im every day playing it . so plz consider this reasonable matter and give me the account back and help me to remove chat ,. but i need that voice chat cause i introduce this game to many others . so plz be kind to give me account back . if im guilty i accept 7 days or 14 days ban .i hope quick and good reply and be fair at this matter and be kind to take consider this whole matter and return this account back .thank you !!
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