Why I won't be receiving my gold ranked rewards this season:

As per guidelines of toxic player posts I am required to say that I am usually a pretty nice player, and that you should have seen their chats, which are conveniently left out of the chat logs they report to you when you're chat banned. Honestly though I can't believe I'm missing out on my ranked rewards for this, makes me not want to play this game and also makes me want to be actually toxic. I do remember that when i said look at your score it was in **response** to bot lane complaining about not receiving ganks / jungle pressure. Determinist: teemo no watch blue? :( Determinist: what Determinist: okay.. Determinist: whats your clear time Determinist: whos pinging Determinist: yea Determinist: sorry Determinist: i guess it was you though huh Determinist: cant you've been dead Determinist: graves on my red. Determinist: lol u cancel Determinist: bot help mid Determinist: stupid god damn raptors Determinist: lol knew it Determinist: we have no pressure from any lane Determinist: bot is 1-8 Determinist: 1-9 Determinist: vayne Determinist: looka t your scorse Determinist: and tell me Determinist: when was there an opportunity Determinist: to gank Determinist: what? Determinist: are you serious lol Determinist: I'm not talking about kda Determinist: at all. Determinist: im saying if you're dead Determinist: i can't gank. Determinist: maybey ou soould get out of silver. Determinist: i've also fed you kills zed Determinist: and you can't do shit with Determinist: dude stop being mad Determinist: you're not good Determinist: this games over tho Determinist: so we can ff Determinist: LOL Determinist: okay bud Determinist: look at you splitting imd Determinist: okay dude Determinist: idk why you're so mad. Determinist: bc im better than you lol Determinist: hahha Determinist: okay man Determinist: keep talking Determinist: says you vayne Determinist: thats why im bad? Determinist: look at yourself Determinist: "THIS NAMI IS TRASH" Determinist: hmm Determinist: can't take blame for your own lane now can you Determinist: you got tilted and ran it down bot Determinist: bro Determinist: watch the replay Determinist: you were dead Determinist: 3 times in 5 mins Determinist: how can i gank? Determinist: stop blaming your jungler Determinist: get better Determinist: dont go 1-5 in lane bro Determinist: omg im not flaming at all... Determinist: they're flaming me Determinist: im defending myself Determinist: vayne rages at me for not ganking bot Determinist: i explain that if she dies 3 times in the first 5 mins Determinist: how am i supposed to gank Determinist: bc you're mad at me Determinist: wow. Determinist: look at zeds biuld Determinist: and ur rreporting me lol I should note that zed's build consisted of ALL TEARS.
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