I'm at checkpoint 3/3 for Honor 1, very close to Honor 2. Will I be able to get it in 10 days?

I submitted a ticket discussing this, and I'm fairly upset. Fully thought Riot Support could help me out, but they're only tasked with providing feedback. I was chat restricted within the last two months (first time since like season 4 or 5). I was told to take my own life and was trolled by a team. I called them a certain c-word that not many people like. I understand that yes, that was rude, but that was the only log found within the "Game 1" logs for the ban that seemed like a stretch. I further dislike hearing "you should've muted" as a reason to defend my honor decrease, as not only were the players flaming in chat, as well as telling me to take my own life, but also stealing camps and trolling me throughout the game. I cannot mute that behavior. So yes, I became frustrated and called the players a rude word - but for that alone to completely undo all the work I went through with this season seems like way too much. I submitted a support ticket about it back then, but nothing really came of it other than them telling me I deserved it since I didn't mute the players and said something unkind in chat. So because of that, I only have ten days left to get my honor back up to Honor 2 in order to get my end-of-season rewards. I am currently unelligible, making the hours of games and time I spent this season on climbing. Yes, I regret saying what I said now, as it resulted in such a punishment, but a player ended up telling me to end my life. I suffer from mental illness. If they targeted that at anyone else, I would've still said the same thing I said. There's no excuse to tell someone that. I posted the ticket from earlier here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/43461970 as well as within the Link option above detailing my thoughts and feelings about this further. But I would like assistance if possible. I'm rarely a toxic person in chat. As I said before, the last time I was chat restricted was quite a few years ago. Sure, i'm not perfect and sometimes my temper gets the better of me, but that can be said about everyone. I feel that just because I called someone a bad word that isn't even that severe should not merit me losing my end-of-season rewards completely. It was one game log. If a Riot staff member cannot assist me since I'm being punished for my poor behavior that game, regardless of how it started or the fact I was being trolled and told to take my life, can someone at least let me know if it's possible to go from checkpoint 3/3 in Honor 1 to Honor 2 in ten days. I've been playing a lot with friends and randoms the last couple days and have been getting many honors, just now reaching checkpoint 3, and I don't want to miss out on my end-of-season rewards just because my temper got the better of me in a single game. Thanks a billion.
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