When You are ADC and Support Nasus is Griefing...

I am beyond frustrated. I played a ranked game tonight. I was ADC Ashe and during the draft the support locked in Nasus. No biggie, Nas can be viable as a support. When the game started we were leashing red for our jg Jax and the support Nasus uses his siphoning strike (Q) to last hit the red buff and stole it from Jax. Ooof. So now our jungler is tilted and says "no ganks bot good luck." Great... So then we get to laning phase and we are against a Blitz / Vayne bot. Double-oof. This support Nasus spends the entire time trying to attack whatever I am trying to farm, using his Q to last hit the minions and especially every cannon -- basically whatever I am focusing he continues to actively try to deny me farm. So soon I am 10 CS behind Vayne, then 20. Meanwhile the enemy jungler Elise is ganking us constantly and between that and the Blitz pulls I am having a really bad time. We then lose bot turret and then this support Nasus leaves bot lane altogether and just afk-farms our jungle for the rest of the game -- further infuriating our jungler Jax. He ignores pings and ignores the other team even when they are pushing into our base. Finally the game ends and we lose. The support Nasus never said a word the entire game except for an "lol" in the post game screen and then leaves. He purposely ruined the game and I'm sure he'll do it again. My entire team reports him, but I don't know that the punishment system will do anything because he never spoke in chat. So I submitted a second support ticket through the website, but I am afraid that trolls like this slip through the system and continue to ruin ranked games for people. I guess my question is, is there any other way to deal with these types of people? I continually encounter them every few games. They are usually people who got autofilled to support and decide to just be jerks and ruin the game for everyone. It is so frustrating! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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