This game isn't enjoyable anymore. And it's the community's fault.

This game used to be great. When I first started in season 1, players were helpful and supportive to new players, and it ushered in a nice era of good vibes, good community, and cohesiveness. Sure, people got competitive and maybe said some mean things once in a while, but it wasn't by any means a toxic place to play a game. Now, the game has completely evolved into a gathering of some of the most awful, rude, disrespectful, racist, homophobic people on the internet. My most recent encounter was one "[removed by moderation]", a silver player who claims to have a "diamond account". Let me tell you a little about this person and my interaction with him, as I'm sure everyone reading this will have at least something to relate to. We start the lane very well, getting our subject "[removed by moderation]" (Vayne, our ADC), a first blood kill on a successful invade, and it all snowballs up from there, getting him up to 7/1/1. Then, this person decides to start running into them 2v1, 3v1, and even a 5v1, intentionally killing himself to try to make a big play because "it's fun, im not trying to win" (his words). Died every time, and proceeds to claim "this is a smurf, and this account is going to get banned in a few days anyway", and proceeds to completely throw the game. Vayne also cheered on the enemy team while flaming and trolling his own. Of course, I reported for intentionally throwing the game. But that's where this thread really starts. Does a simple "Report for intentionally throwing" solve the problem? How do I know if action is even taken on this person? Can't this person just make another account to do the same behavior? I feel like action should be taken on this person's main "diamond account" (if it even exists), to dissuade this kind of behavior. I personally suggest banning of ranked play for the rest of the season. If people don't respect the game, I feel they shouldn't be entitled to play it. I guess the point I'm trying to make is Riot needs to start holding these people accountable. I'm not trying to sound like another bellyacher trying to tell Riot what to do to make this game better for my own agenda, but I'm trying to approach this with reason and maybe give the moderators some perspective to chew on, when it comes to planning out how to take action for this general type of player, not necessarily this specific one. People that exhibit this kind of behavior completely devalues your product, Riot. This community has absolutely, without a doubt, have to top the list of the most toxic people. They create these "smurf" accounts to ruin your game, to piss off the people trying to enjoy your game, to make money selling an account, or to abuse your lower ranked players (that make up the vast majority of your player base). Poor sportsmanship, trolling/flaming, etc. all break the summoners code, but my question to you is how tight are you even trying to enforce your code anymore? I feel like every game I ever get into is just a stress test that is building up inside me until one day I have a massive heart attack or stroke. This game isn't enjoyable anymore. It's been devalued by this community to the point where action needs to be taken. Riot, please, you can't allow this kind of behavior to progress. Have some class. Have some dignity. Have respect for your players that want to enjoy this game. Or have you created something so big that you can't even handle it anymore? Have you made a game that's grown so much that you don't have control anymore? Or do you simply not care? Was this whole thing just a waste of time?
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