Honor and Punishments

Alright, So after skimming through the boards, there have been plenty of posts poking around the subject of receiving punishments towards the end of the season and losing out on end of season rewards as a result. I was handed a 10 game chat restriction a few days ago due to a single game of really bad sportsmanship (This was the only game mentioned when I received the reasoning so it is reasonable to assume this one game was the cause of it). It dropped me from Honor 5 to locked Honor 1. All of this one week before the end of the season. Of course I spoke with player support and what I was told was "I did want to explain a bit of our logic with why we make it so that you are not able to earn your rewards if you get penalized towards the end of the season. Basically how it works is we want players to have enough time to actually show that they are capable of being an honorable player hence the slight drop in honor, and in most cases, it is just to honor 1.0." I'm not denying that I didn't deserve the chat restriction but I'm not sure I deserve to lose the season ending rewards outright due to the timing of the infraction. There is an arbitrary cutoff at some point in the season where getting from Honor 1 to Honor 2 is essentially impossible to achieve so there is a cutoff to where the result of a chat restriction goes from "potential loss of season ending rewards" to "complete loss" and I'm not sure that is the best way to go about this. The real punishment when it is all said and done is the possibility, and sometimes the reality, of losing the rewards, not the honor drop itself. Therefore, the main goal should be to make the probability of missing the reward consistent throughout the season The earlier you receive the punishment the more time you have to make up the honor so the smaller chance of receiving the real punishment. In cases like mine, the same behavior results in 100% loss of reward. Altering the amount of honor drop based on the proportion of season left is where I'm going. Say, for example, it takes 100 received honors to go from honor 1 to 2 and you get a chat restriction 90% into the season, then it should take 10 honors to get back to the rewards, something along those lines so everyone has an equal shot to earn back their rewards. This way you don't have to be any more honorable than someone who received their punishment earlier in the season (equal crime equal time sort of thing). Side note: multiple offenses should clearly result in more difficulty obtaining the rewards. If you get a chat restriction early in the season and made it back to honor 2 and got another one later in the season, it should be more difficult to earn it back. Using the example above, if your 2nd punishment came 90% through the season, then instead of proportionately needing 10 honors to get back to do, maybe double that to 20 since you're previously been punished. Now a part of a discussion like this is to give my opinion on some counterarguments: 1. "Honor rewards are based on a snapshot of your honor level at a given time and if you are not honorable at the end you don't deserve the rewards in the end" People have compared this to your rank saying something along the lines of if you've fallen from Plat to gold by the end of the season, you don't deserve plat rewards just like if you've fallen from honorable to not at the end of the season you don't deserve rewards. The flaw with this is that the two are not the same and the decline does not operate under the same conditions. To drop from a solid position in one tier to a tier below it takes a perfect storm of things going wrong (between the 50% of games you aren't supposed to win anyways and the games with the trolls/feeders/etc). In the case of chat restrictions, like mine, a single game causes the decline. Does one game define how honorable someone is? One loss won't drop you to the next tier below so why should one dishonorable game do that? 2. As the Player Support Rioter even said " we want players to have enough time to actually show that they are capable of being an honorable player" Then give them time to show they are honorable, or at least proportionally the same amount of time as everyone else to earn their rewards back. 3. "toxic people don't deserve rewards, if you got a punishment, you are a toxic player" Some of ya'll are out here treating a guy like me (played since late season 1/early season 2) who have never had a disciplinary action like they are pre-reformed Tyler1. Getting a 10 game chat restriction does not make you a toxic player. Having one bad game does not make you a toxic player. 1 game over thousands does not make someone toxic. 4. "You can't get a chat restriction for 1 game" You absolutely can. Part of the letter you receive is a copy of chat logs for your "heavily reported games" and in my case there was only a chat log from one game. Getting a report or two here and there doesn't trigger the system because if they did, there wouldn't be any accounts unbanned at this point. If my post sounds like I'm complaining, I don't mean to come off that way. I just want to offer a solution to something that I see as an issue. If changes to how the rewards work have been published and I haven't seen them please update me. TL;DR: If you didn't read it, then you have no grounds on which to post a reply
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