Unfairly banned From LoL

Hello Summoners who happen to read this board So the story goes the following way : Pre Game Lobby: In Game: [All]fhella: SKRRRRTTT [All]fhella: nah %%%%%% fhella: amumu camp bot if possible fhella: fck fhella: i greed fhella: no [All]fhella: FCK FCK FCK fhella: i keep forgetting that my r has 2.5 sec between dashes fhella: lol ? fhella: wow fhella: fck [All]fhella: ur 1/6 dude [All]fhella: stfu [All]fhella: 2/7 mb [All]fhella: talon is the easiest champ in game %%%%%% [All]fhella: noooooo [All]fhella: not taloooonnn fhella: ohhhh i finally understand my ult LOL [All]fhella: USEFULLL baron fhella: lol sorry fhella: brand ?????? fhella: XD fhella: oopsy doopsy [All]fhella: GGWP When I contacted Riot games about this unfair (14 DAYS !!!) ban btw, they responded by saying that it was because I used Racial Slurs : "%%%%%%%%%%%if i contextualize this word in this setting i used it as a way to say : Friend, or , Dude and not to insult The black LoL community, So this tread was to debunk the mystery of my 14 day ban (without any precedents : (clean account) , my only other account isnt banned either (EuW: ShotGunShoTiT) And also to say that apparently nowadays saying %%%%%% is enough to get you a 14 day ban without any precedents! Any help or response is appreciated , Kind Regards Fhella (btw the %%%%% is ni**er,)
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