Can we talk about last second picks?

(Idk if this is the right category to post this, but lets do it anyway). You probably know about last second picks, right? Well, they choose 1 champion, and wait for the last second to pick it (in draft, and probably ranked). Sometimes they pick it, but sometimes they are not fast enough to pick it, and they leave. I don't know why are people doing this, is it to "show-off their fast reactions" or something. I know some of you might say they are not sure what to pick, but they select their champion instantly pre-lock-in. I'm playing with a friend a lot, and we get the lanes we want, but someone uses this and isn't fast enough to pick their champion, so we get angry lol. After that we get another match, and we get autofilled to support or bot. This is very annoying for me, and probably a lot of other players too. I don't know if we can do anything about it, but here is this post to notify all people about it. HF
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