is black hole-ing gold reportable?

let's say that your team is behind, but there's one player with 6 items, is level 18, and another player who is level 13 or so and only has 2 items. ignoring the reason this player is level 13 and behind in gold: is it considered negative or report worthy if the player that no long needs gold and xp continues to wave clear the minions out from under their teammate? let's say it's a xayah that has great wave clear at max level and max items and a oh... idk... evelynn that fell behind. if the evelynn voices that they're trying to catch up with cs and xayah tells that player to basically SUCK IT because you're responsible for your own ability to farm... is that reportable? ------- in my eyes it should be because you're literally wasting resources that your team could use to come back instead of letting a player who needs it come back into the game. would this not be intentionally assisting enemy team/ negative behavior/griefing?
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