I was hacked, stolen from, and banned for scripting on my account

Long story, but the tldr is my main account has been permanently banned for third party software but my account was hacked. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=kek+sama I was on my smurf account playing some ranked to finish up the season, when I noticed that my main account was online "Kek Sama". Suspicious, I logged off my smurf and onto my main account. Around 1 minute later, I was logged out of my main account from another location. This really set me off, and I immediately changed the password on that account. I did a sweep through the account and noticed that all my orange essence was used to redeem two legendary skin shards I had lying around, 100 prestige tokens were spent on the MF skin, 300 worlds tokens were used on a Senna chroma for a skin I did not own, and 10 gemstones were spent on a Kogmaw skin. I also noticed that there were 3 games of ADC played, 1 Ezreal, 1 Senna, and 1 Lucian game. I played 1 Yasuo game with some friends in normals if anyone is looking up my opgg, then i went to spectate some friends' games. Then I got a notification in client stating that my account was suspended, and when I relogged, I got a permaban notification stating I used third party software. I was not the one who used these scripts, nor have I ever considered needing them. If anyone were to browse my account on op.gg, there's good proof it wasn't me. I always average around 5-6 control wards per game, and I would never buy none. It's a habit I've built into myself to always buy wards. The three adc games that the perpetrator played had 0 wards on all three games. I also average around 6-7 cs/m in my games, while this person was only around 5. I also ALWAYS put my boots in the last slot of my item inventory through habit (which this guy also did not do). Now I don't need to have to go through this to prove that it wasn't me because Riot should be able to just track the IP address, no? Anyways I sent this into Riot Support, updating my ticket as I got new information, as directed by a friend of mine who works at Riot (whom I will not disclose unless needed to). The response I received was that my account ban could not be reverted. Response: https://imgur.com/a/DYss0Nd Why is this the case? I was not the person who played on the account and used the third party software they claimed my account did. I have also never shared my account details with anyone and this is the first time this occurrence has ever happened to me. And even if I proved that the person wasn't me, shouldn't Riot be able to determine that themselves through IP tracking? Am I in the wrong here? What could I have done differently to even prevent a situation like this?
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