Get a Hold Of Yourselves

I'm about the point of not dealing with Everyone's Bullshit in rank games, I just honestly hate, when I hate, It's something serious. People just need to get a Hold Of their fucking emotions and not bring it on the Community, Go See some Professional help before it takes over your life. I'm just done with your Bullshit, Like Telling to fucking kill yourself, If you don't play with me I'll shoot up a School, I have been told of this in the past and they still got away with it. After 9 Years and 8 Months, I Just fucking done with this shit. DON'T MAKE THREATS OnLine Or you'll go to jail Like Justin Carter Did for his Threat and he's still in Jail Into 2021. I know, I mute my enemies at the start but this Calling for you guys to shape up and act More Adult, You need to Think Before you Speak.

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