Unfairly muted

I was in a game, and a guy on our team who was playing urgot, said "report my team for feeding" so I got a bit annoyed, cause actually he was 3-6 and he wasn't playing well himself. So i said "Urgot sucks dick" and this is what I think might have gotten me muted, but is saying that someone sucks dick, which basically was just that I meant that he was bad, but is saying that someone is bad, in a bit of a bad way, enough to get you muted for 10 days and loose your honour level? Someone on the enemy team then said that I was being toxic, and I then went on to quote everything urgot said, the rest of the game to clarify that urgot, was the one being toxic, cause I wanted then to report urgot instead. Btw, sorry if this is a bit confusing and or has spelling mistakes, I'm not english and I'm 14 so I'm not the best at writing, I tried my best. :P Game 1 In-Game danielpil: lol danielpil: back kaisa danielpil: xd danielpil: nice danielpil: twisted fates fault danielpil: he didnt ss danielpil: wtf lol danielpil: i see danielpil: gj danielpil: again no ss tf danielpil: wtf danielpil: bg danielpil: lmao danielpil: urgot sucks dick danielpil: and he wants to report us for "feed" XD danielpil: who? danielpil: did u see what urgot saifd? danielpil: i didnt say anything danielpil: i was nice to everyone danielpil: but then urgot drops the "report my team feed danielpil: when he was 3-6 himself danielpil: so im kinda confused danielpil: but ok danielpil: but u can report me ifd u want? xD danielpil: that basically means that hes bad danielpil: but ok danielpil: just like urgot had no reason to say "report my team feed" in all chat? danielpil: gj team danielpil: we can win danielpil: lmao danielpil: i said "gj team, we can win" and urgot says "i can, not they" still think im the one whos toxic? danielpil: twisted fate can u confirm? danielpil: now urgot said idiots danielpil: and hes said that atleast 6 times this game danielpil: still think im the one whos toxic? danielpil: get my point morg+ danielpil: ? danielpil: i know danielpil: im sorry danielpil: twisted fate can u confirm that urgot is the one whos toxic not me? xd danielpil: why kaisa danielpil: shut up danielpil: its a normal game danielpil: "report tf, total idiot" - urgot danielpil: still me whos toxic yup yup danielpil: why danielpil: me, tf, and kaisa have been nic eall game danielpil: but urgot has been flaming us all danielpil: all game danielpil: "MUNDO WHERE ARE YOU, U IDIOT" - urgot danielpil: "SURE U IDIOT - urgot

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