Are Flamers ruining Normal's and Aram's?

Hi, this is my first post... I feel like they are, most definitely running other people's experiences, but it's not their fault. I've been playing this game a few years after it had been released before ranked was introduced and I remember how much fun I had with this game. I would like whenever champions would die in a hilarious way, glitched out or die mid voice statement. I wasn't really serious per-say but my friends we're 100% likely to be the most try-hards ever, which is why I never talk to them anymore because there would be instances they would insult me on my gameplay which back then I knew 100% I sucked, As of now I am still learning, because I work, go to school, and had a hiatus from league to take care of family issues, I came back to see that the flaming only worsened over time. Like, Damn can't you let it onto me easier without the shouting, and insults, wooo. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} I still don't talk or play with my friends, I'd always play by my self, most of the time. I would only do Aram or Normals, Draft or Non-Draft, and Go Mid lane to practice on real players, not bots because wtf are you gonna learn by doing bot games? However, Whenever I enter a normal match or Aram, and I die, all hell breaks loose. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Or someone didn't get the camp they requested in ARAM. or the wrong runes. It's sad honestly, to see so many people flaming others, it makes me wonder what's going on in their lives to be this toxic and so hurt that they have to take it out on other folks. I always keep this in mind, even when I get super angry and pissed at the flamers, I just have to remember they are also human and are probably venting. It's hard though when you get called all the horrible names in the book, So this is for me, and countless others who play league, Just play how you like, and love, learn at the pace you can; and ignore them. Just ignore the flamers or Trolls, and it's okay. Also for the flamers, it's okay, and everything will be alright and I hope the best for you in life, I know times are hard, but just know you will be alright. :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} I'd like to hear your opinions too, there are no wrong Opinions!
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