Ranked is more about hoping you didnt get a terrible teamate

More so than worrying about actual strategy and outplay, Losses always seem to boil down to that one guy deciding to give you the "next" and run it down their lane so the enemy is strong enough to end the game out. Happens to me and the enemy in my ranked games. The enemy team had a viegar who when he died he'd just type "zzzz" or "i dont wanna play anymore", and people will stand behind these people regardless of how obvious it is that they are intentionally trying to ruin the game for their teamates. It's so damn frustrating dealing with these people when you know for a fact they won't get banned hell they know it too theyll say as much in chat. I had to make a ticket the other day cause a duo bot ran it down and ended up 0/10/0 before the 7 minute mark one started just stacking faier charms and spamming emotes. I don't get why trolling like that is so lightly punished in a game that towts being competetive as a focus.
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