The reason why new people AVOID rank!

I have been playing for maybe three years now and absolutely refuse to play ranked after my first experience. I recently got my fiance to join the game and once he became above level with enough champions he decided he wanted to experience a ranked game. Talk about toxic. New players will never be able to experience a good game play with such toxic players. You get in the game and automatically all they do is flame you for anything they can find. One mistake and your report worthy and worthy of being completely flamed by everyone including the opposite team. I have yet to play a ranked game where I didn't have to mute EVERYONE in the game due to the fact that I wasn't "Skilled" Enough. Ranked is how many people learn how to play cause normal game mode is easy compared to rank. Its filled with people who know how to play against people with more experience. Riot has seemed to fail us when it comes to the reports we do. I personally have been chat restricted due to telling someone to start pinging or stop tower diving, but someone who is telling me to kill myself and other such things gets nothing done to them. I don't understand where the loyalty of riot lies. With those defending themselves and punishing them for doing so or those who start shit and have nothing done to them about it. Rank amplifies the abuse ten fold and wish something would be done about it. It doesn't help new players just starting the game want to continue.
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