PSA: Riot (potentially) becoming much more strict with 3rd party programs

r/leagueoflegends - PSA: If you are using programs like LolSkin that allows you to use custom skins/in-game skins, you're most likely going to get permanently banned soon if you don't stop using it
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Hey everyone, just wanted to share this Reddit post I saw on [r/leagueoflegends.]( Now, I'm not Turkish and I'm not sure how accurate this Reddit user's translation is,** so take everything here with a grain of salt.** A surprising number of people still think that you can't get punished for 3rd party programs such as Lolskin, but this isn't the case as 3rd party programs have always been a gray area for Riot. So while you may not receive an instant permaban, currently **there is always some risk when using these programs**. Moving on, Turkish [Rioter Xecthar]( recently discussed 3rd party programs and announced that they plan on permanently banning any players who continue to use them. Obviously if this is true and Riot does become more strict with these programs on the Turkish servers it could spread to the larger ones like EU and NA. ##tl;dr: If you use 3rd party programs and/or custom skins, be warned that continued use could result in a permanent suspension.
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