14 day suspension

I have been banned for not swearing or anything. I was spammed by my teammates and simply reacting, not toxically or anything. also I opened a TICKET #36308756, was informed that I would get this suspension reviewed, however status shows closed. Chat agent said to me: Cammy White: I actually wanna take this up for review and convert this to a ticket for you and get you a response there. Hope you get that I wanna make sure that this was applied correctly and not wanting to be hasty on this Below is the chat log of the incorrect auto ban system which is ridiculous: Game 1 Pre-Game Niccoice: u want to pick me akali? Niccoice: who do u want Niccoice: i dont have Niccoice: quick Niccoice: sorry Niccoice: lol In-Game Niccoice: lol Niccoice: shut down this riv Niccoice: why Niccoice: where is my jungler Niccoice: stupid Niccoice: u gank when u shouldnt man Niccoice: what are you doing dude Niccoice: im done Niccoice: gl Niccoice: reported Niccoice: calling other players is negative Niccoice: what are you doing? Niccoice: u take my cs Niccoice: then leave Niccoice: every gank Niccoice: answer Niccoice: what are you doing? Niccoice: nj. Niccoice: you guys need to rotate Niccoice: use those legs lmao Niccoice: ahahhaha Niccoice: this team Niccoice: so spread Niccoice: mundo bot Niccoice: brand top Niccoice: sorry gg Niccoice: this is a team game Niccoice: you guys need to participate as a team Niccoice: 5v4 Niccoice: mundo Niccoice: where are u dude Niccoice: they got inhib Niccoice: cause ur bot Niccoice: why are you guys playing ranked Niccoice: if ur not gonna play Niccoice: im not toxic Niccoice: im speaking Niccoice: no swearing Niccoice: or anything Niccoice: review chat Niccoice: we cant teamfight anymore Niccoice: too late guys Niccoice: :/ sorry Niccoice: past that phase now Niccoice: yeah u were splitting when you werent supposed to Niccoice: :/ Niccoice: you group early in league of legends Niccoice: then u can do whatever u want Niccoice: i hate having to teach how to play this game during my playing.. Niccoice: gg Niccoice: where Niccoice: are u guys? Niccoice: why are u down there? Niccoice: hahahaha Niccoice: GEE GEE Niccoice: babyyy Niccoice: 3/8 Niccoice: 3/5 Niccoice: 5/6 Niccoice: 6/6 Niccoice: are u guys intentionally feeding? Niccoice: gg Niccoice: ur carry is dead Niccoice: cause our tank isnt in front Niccoice: gg guys Niccoice: please dont play ranked if you are just gonna feed Niccoice: its not nice for other players Post-Game Niccoice: gg Niccoice: my team all fed Niccoice: lol Niccoice: all negative stats Niccoice: please report our wukong Niccoice: so toxic Niccoice: its insane Niccoice: ive never seen a player as toxic as wukong Niccoice: Abosultely blows my mind Niccoice: rofl Niccoice: lol please report this wukong, flaming Niccoice: that i couldnt carry him harder Niccoice: Lol riven Niccoice: i destroyed u boi Niccoice: sorry kappa
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