Reported as a one-trick

As a 3.3M points Draven main, people are easily unpleased by the fact I'm dedicated to that champ and flames/blames and report me for the first little thing that makes them mad. Either is the ennemy getting smacked cuz I know what I'm doing or my teamates because I'm having a bad game because I'm being camped or shut down by everyone and they expect me to play like faker (and yeah having that much mastery points doesn't mean I don't have bad games too). I'm getting reported sooooooo often by a lot of haters for absolutely no reasons even if I'm not being toxic at all. There's some games where the flame is just so absurd that I'm trying to explain myself a little bit but whatever I say I'm getting flamed even more without being the problem. I play very often and I only play in norms because my fun is to play what I want to play without him getting banned and most of the games I'm getting honors by my teamates because I always try the best I can do and I really don't care if I win or lose because I play for the fun to play the champ I wanna play so I'm never toxic about losing. But I also get a lot of reports by haters, either solo, duos or premade because one of them is mad just because I'm crushing them with my best champ..... Well I just got a 10 games chat restricted, then 25, then 14 days suspension and now a perma ban in less than a month because of fking idiots without judgement reporting just because they are mad because bad. Yeah sometimes I get a bit tilted and I reply, but I'm rarely toxic compared to all the games I play and get honors almost every games. CAN WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS STUPID REPORT SYSTEM WHERE EVERYONE CAN REPORT FREELY WITHOUT GOOD REASONS/JUDGEMENT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE MAD ABOUT THE FACT PEOPLE ARE BETTER THAN THEM??!! SERIOUSLY....... I'm getting penalized in so few games with all the games I play and get honored almost every games, just because people report me for fun. It's pissing me off so bad to be the one penalized because everyone have such a free power to report anyone they are mad at without any good reasons. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT BECAUSE I'M FREAKING BANNED FOR HAVING FUN. -A mad perma banned Draven main.
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