People: Real talk. How do you guys even manage to get banned?

For real. I've played this game since season 3, I've played constantly all these years. I talk a lot in chat, I shittalk my opponents, I shittalk/banter my team, I have discussion when I think my teammates are being idiots and I'll throw around the occasional profanity when playing. I've never even had a chat restriction, and got consistent honor 5 these past seasons. I have 3 smurf accounts leveled past 30 on EUW, I have a 30+ smurf on EUNE and I have an NA account. On my main I kind of watch myself, but I don't on my smurfs. I say what I think, and if that thing is toxic, I still say it. I've never had ANY punishment on those accounts either. I should have been chat restricted on those accounts a long time ago, but it never happened. All I see on here is people complaining about unfair bans, and about how you get banned if you don't mute all and only say gg. And I'm honestly so confused. If me being toxic for myself isn't enough toxicity to get me a punishment, what the hell are you guys doing?
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