I'm not sure if I was rightfully banned here, could someone please explain?

So I was playing an Urf match and this Veigar became a bit rude about how a Kassadin did not call MIA. The Kass said something that I believe the bot picks up as inappropriate but regardless the veigar kept gloating about how he was going to get the Kass banned like he was extremely happy about it. I stood up for the Kassadin and I ultimately got banned, here are the logs. Game 2997875358: Nekohime Kitty: Wanted plating Nekohime Kitty: You kind of have to get lots of bans for it Nekohime Kitty: Er reports [All]Nekohime Kitty: So like the veigar flamed Kass then said Kys once to veig [All]Nekohime Kitty: Not at all, this veigar has been like "My dad owns riot, ur gonna get banned!!" [All]Nekohime Kitty: Nope [All]Nekohime Kitty: You're just really rude [All]Nekohime Kitty: Congratulations? [All]Nekohime Kitty: Kk TF lets go [All]Nekohime Kitty: Saying kys once isn't a death threat Nekohime Kitty: Welp Nekohime Kitty: That will be in the logs Nekohime Kitty: Thats called negative attitude Nekohime Kitty: And verbal abuse Nekohime Kitty: Saying I don't matter is really mean Nekohime Kitty: And hurtful I'd like to know exactly what I did that was considered against TOS, if someone would explain I would greatly appreciate it, thank you!
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