Riot report feature just doesn't work

So I was in a game, and straight out of the gate, I have Tahm Kench troll by eating me, and trying to steal buffs/slow down my jungle clear, and shit talk me for playing Talon. Top doesn't watch red, and Shaco gets a deep ward in on it, and flash smites my camp before killing me. I would have gotten there earlier, but Tahm Kench was troll eating and holding me inside. He also refused to damage the blue buff, thankfully our Adc gave me the best leash they could. Fast forward to mid game, and I'm like 1-4 after enemy team camps my jungle. Shaco is unstoppable, but I'm finally about to kill him. I jump the wall I have the kill 100%, and then Tahm Kench eats me, holds me inside, and lets Shaco live. That is the point where I get angry, and start flaming him for it. After that he tried to have his duo partner steal my red while he ate me. I report the Tahm Kench, and I get chat restricted because I was angry in game for a valid reason. It's funny because in silver my teammates aren't nearly this toxic. I'm tired of playing with plat and gold in normals. I'm sticking to ranked from now on because Riot's matchmaking needs work. I don't want to play with toxic crybabies, they are worse than new account matchmaking. Maybe I should just stop playing your game Riot? You guys don't seem to care that your system doesn't work, but since it doesn't affect you, who cares right? This is the thought pattern that is causing your game to die. Trolls that troll in chat is one thing, but a teammate that trolls, goes out of their way to ruin the game, and sabotage you is much worse than nearly anything they can insult you with. Allow us to at least toggle off Kench's ability to eat us, he even tried to steal my jungle camp by eating me, and holding me inside while they take the camp. For trundle there really isn't anything you can do though since stopping an ally from getting knocked up, or blocked by his ice pillar would be op. READ ME BELOW. It seems a lot of you are missing the point of my post completely. This is not an attack on Riot, I'm simply trying my best to bring attention to a very big problem. I've seen this happen to others as well, and I'm not here to throw around needless insults. I was frustrated when I wrote the post, but I still stand by what I said. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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