Same S*** yet again RIOT DO SOMETHING JEZZ

and again, again, and again. A new rework such joy, it has been no even 48 hours and I ALREADY LOST 5 GAMES TO FIRST TIME KAYLE IN RANKED. is it so hard to block her from solo Q for a while, let people know how it works, let them practice. (NOT IN RANKED MAYBE). I mean why don't they just do that: New champ, wait a week than you are able to play it in ranked. or make a mastery cap just for the basic knowledge for the champ: you can't play a champ in ranked without 5000 mastery points; is not that high and u will have the basic of the champ so that u can survive without dying every minute in the game. I'm sure this post will be useless and Riot doesn't care about this and will never do. :(

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