0 Tolerance For Intentionally Throwing A Game

I have grown sick and tired of the matchmaking system on this game. It is super frustrating to excel so many players and yet play with them over and over. The worst part is the players do not swallow their damn pride and just flame and in MOST cases just intentionally feed. The worst part is that way more than half the players go unpunished and continue to make this game so much more unenjoyable, I wish Riot would just have a system where if someone has trolled and had been reported, a player can have an option to click "Serious/Emergency", which sends the whole replay of the game with chat to someone who can judge it. And if the "Serious/Emergency" is a false claim, then the reporter can get punished, the punishment can vary depending on the person at Riot dealing with the situation. Moreover, if the troller has clearly done something like run it down or afk in the base and wait for a winnable game to finish, just delete his/her account because nobody wants or cares for that player to be invested in this largely competitive game. These same trolls and flamers roam wild and drive so many people away from the game, I just hope that there is such a system or one that is more refined. Please, you have no idea how frustrating it can be with these people. Because if there is a system like that, more and more people would not need to flame these trolls and risk their own account for being banned for toxic behavior when they know that at the end of the game they can just "Serious/Emergency" report the troll, which will allow a real person to be a judge for that. Ty for your time and listening to this idea, and I wish you have a great day.
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