Riot needs to do something about this. I queued support. We get into champ select. Then suddenly, the jungler types, "I'm supp btw", and insta-locks Lux. The adc says "we're premade", a simply horrible excuse to stealing somebody's role, and I'm left with three choices; stay adamant and go support anyway, resulting in a certain loss, dodge, give this Lux what she wants, and lose lp (plus waste my friend's time since I was duoing), or play jungle and perhaps win. I just took the L and played the jungle came. Quite fortunately, I play jungle pretty often. So even though I was reluctant, it wasn't much of a problem for me to take the role. However, if this had happened to some poor support main who's never played a game of jungle in their life, it would've been a tragic game. It truly does feel like you're being conned out of your role - which you more or less are. (If you were wondering, we did win the game. I went 6/0 or so, botlane lost, lux was just trashtalking all game.) Something does need to be done about this. I am certain that this Lux will face absolutely zero punishment for her actions, and each and every time she gets autofilled, she will do it again, and again, until at one point, she'll force someone who never plays jungle into the role and spell disaster for her team. I don't even know how she manages to be autofilled as a support main, considering it gives you autofill protection. I reported her after the game for griefing and unsportsmanlike behavior. Will she be punished? No. Even if I sent a support ticket in nothing would happen. It is BLATANT griefing and trolling, yet because it only happened in champion select, her K/DA, build, and all of that were relatively normal, she won't be punished. And yet, had I lost my temper at her and told her off in chat, I would've been the one facing penalities. Isn't that odd?

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