We SERIOUSLY need a Compensation System in Place

Just had a ranked game where we were winning until a teammate(who was going 6/1) decides to AFK, rage quit, roam to avoid any fights, and outright refuses to play. All because they died **_ONCE_**. Add salt to the wound, they said they will not play unless another teammate admits that they're trash.(They didn't play even when they did) As a result, me and 3 other teammates had to pay with our LP because someone had their feelings hurt. Direct quote from them: "idc if we lose this [player] doesnt deserve to win this", "just admit [player] is trash and ill play again". This kind of behavior is outright unacceptable and unfair for the rest of us. Six times I had to experience this(both on my team and the enemy's) and currently, the only thing that can be done is that _maybe_ the player will get punished. No compensation of any kind for the damage they did. Rito said that they're looking for ways to compensate but so far, they have nothing to show for it.
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