The Community Is Not Being Held Accountable

The league community seems to be an increasingly negative and toxic atmosphere. Trolls are not being held accountable for a number of reasons and I'd like to attempt addressing some of them. First off, I don't care much for serious play and hardly commit any effort to ranked because all I want to do is come home from a long day and have fun playing games. However, many times I step away from the game because I'm much more stressed or irritated than I was before I started playing, which was after an annoying or long work day or w/e. I've also been so stubborn as to continue playing until I get a match w/o toxicity, trolls and inting, but this can sometimes take four, five or six+ hours. I've even stepped away after those long stretches not even having had one fun, friendly game. It's sad how you can stick up for yourself or for others against trolls and then get a chat restriction for retorting back, even if it isn't swearing, prejudicial, or violent in nature. This is letting the trolls win. If they are allowed to control the nature of the game knowing they will either completely ruin the game and waste everyone's time or bring people down to their level and win in the long run anyway. Not to mention all the ageism involved in this game. You're either ripped on for being too young or ripped on for being too old. Please tell this 34 year old what exactly is the best year in one's life to play this game. I honestly try very, very hard to like and enjoy this game and I never want to be a negative example. I have gotten chat restrictions I deserved when I was an A-hole because I drank too much. I don't drink anymore, but the struggle is real to not be that guy when you consistently come across people who insist on ruining the game because Riot won't take this issue seriously. I also think I try really hard to like the game just because of how much money I've sank into it ($600+), but this can only be a motivating factor for so long. My biggest fear in expressing frustrations about the game is an account ban where I just lose hundreds of dollars. I have one account. That's it. I just want to have fun. If I lose my one and only account, I'll just be done. I am not bashing Riot, but with a game this popular they are more concerned with growth than dealing with the frustrated players. It's a drop in the bucket they have the luxury of ignoring. It's unfortunate, and maybe I'm wrong (I really, really hope I am as I want to believe Riot is doing the best they can and truly has our interests in mind), but for now it seems this is the way of the gaming community. Not just Riot or League, but the ghost in the machine with online gaming. There are too many players for games, or companies, to be forced to care about everyone. I do feel the problem is worse in the LoL community than any other game I play, however. I would love to see an option for 1v1 matches where I can challenge trolls in order to put them in their place. There is way too much talk in this game and not enough walk. Every time I tell someone I am not a ranked player, hence my low elo, they just berate me. I tell them to put their money where their mouth is, but they make excuses as to why they won't 1v1, such as my low elo. I would love the opportunity to bet people with skins, essence, in game currency (whatever it's being called now) or anything to sweeten the pot. Without this option, this behavior will continue to go unchecked. I am not saying it would solve the problem, but it may would make a lot of players happy when they shut down a troll. The only other thing I can do is dedicate hours of time to ranked queue just for the sake of the "image," hoping it will carry some weight when trying to hush the toxicity. Additionally, solo players trying to play solo are often teamed up with premades. These may be good, but I've seen far too many matches where the odd man out is ostracized. They all gang up on the one player leaving them no options because the premade can simply report you, making it look legit because many people reported one player. Furthermore, the single player just looks like a player in a bad mood or someone who hates the world because you reported the entire team. You can't leave the game without penalty because the premade will just report you for afk. Regardless of the fact you are leaving a toxic environment for your own mental health reasons, you look like an AFKer. Negative people have way too much power in this game. I've seen the domino effect far too many times where the team is extremely polite and friendly in the pre-game lobby only to have one person impact another and before you know it your entire team is having one big intervention on each other, but not in a nice way. Let's say the reporting system gives out a chat restriction. The angered player can simply troll his way through necessary games with gameplay, or lack thereof, instead of using words. They can also join a game and close the game and client during the loading screen and start the next game of their restriction minutes later after the team earl ffs. If they do not want to do this many games in a row, they can alternate games going as yuumi and just sit afk on someone's soldier only needed to reattach after a recall to avoid the AFK boot. There are seriously way too many ways for negative attitudes and temper tantrums to ruin this game and the community. Humans are spiteful creatures and they will often retaliate against the community if they feel the game, Riot or the community wronged them. I don't know how much more I can take. You can love something with all your heart, but when that love continuously lets you down or rips your heart out of your chest there comes a point when you have to draw the line. Signing off, Dr. Scott
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