I receive Chat Ban for this????

Game 1 In-Game Eurorack: we need ganks Eurorack: a lot of them Eurorack: if our jungler does not gank somone else must help gank and I will help that lane Eurorack: got nothing to do with ganking Eurorack: ganking how you win Eurorack: notice not 1 word from jungler Eurorack: good Eurorack: jungler late Eurorack: have to watchboard Eurorack: top MIA??? Eurorack: missed Eurorack: your just farming nonstop and helping top only Eurorack: you came mid 1d Eurorack: you came mid 1x Eurorack: 6 x top Eurorack: because no ganks Eurorack: no ganks means mid roams Eurorack: it is good to learn game Eurorack: yeah because you won't gank you are farming nonstop Eurorack: score means nothing except to noobs Eurorack: my lane? it's a team game guy Eurorack: tks Eurorack: your M Eurorack: teamagame Eurorack: team game Eurorack: not rambo game team game Eurorack: your buddys not mine Eurorack: sure you are Eurorack: sure sure Eurorack: y0ou just go to his lane 6x Eurorack: feel free Eurorack: asking for ganks not reportable Eurorack: yhou are harassing because I ask for ganks Eurorack: yes you are Eurorack: now curwsing me Eurorack: cursing Eurorack: no you harassed your buddy cursed Eurorack: giood Eurorack: feel free jhhin you keep talking nasty, cursing and asking people to report me, so please feel free Eurorack: myuted Eurorack: Hey ZAC will you please stop harassing me. Your salty because I asked for ganks and you ganked top over and ove rand over Eurorack: please stop harassing me Eurorack: Zac 2x I asked you please stop harassing me but you will not Eurorack: jyus tleav eme alone Eurorack: very hard to concentrate with someone harassing you the whole game Eurorack: and Jhin cursing me Eurorack: baron Eurorack: please stop harasing me, it's 3 salty nasty remakes harassing nonstop Eurorack: only morde just keeps killing enemy Eurorack: there is never a reason to harass people in game Eurorack: you killed me zero times Xerath Eurorack: ZERO, yw Eurorack: did my best Eurorack: I gave you a compliment Post-Game Eurorack: HunterStar69: ******* my team ***** reported heimer pls Eurorack: they don't know eachtoher but they are unfriending each oyytheer Eurorack: lol Eurorack: they say they don't know each other so why would they need to undreind Eurorack: actually Eurorack: Firery womant Eurorack: it's a team game Eurorack: not a lane game Eurorack: you said you don't even know him lol Eurorack: yes you did, you and your friends harassed me whole game Eurorack: it's ok, I just report riot can read the logs Eurorack: you and your friends harssed me whole game Eurorack: your buddy cursing me Eurorack: you playing me Eurorack: so let riot work it out Eurorack: you are not friend of mine you are toxic Game 2 Pre-Game Eurorack: jungler I don't want to ban your chaMPION WHO Are you playing? Eurorack: yi is open, nobody banned Eurorack: any live players here? Eurorack: lot of kids off from school In-Game Eurorack: not smart Eurorack: why does brand havwe smite Eurorack: gj yi Eurorack: I come, yi leaves Eurorack: waste of tp Eurorack: I give you a compliment, you insult me. Ok muted Eurorack: mid ganking bnot Eurorack: yi continues to farm Eurorack: muted Eurorack: muted Eurorack: twitch announces lux is cheating Eurorack: this is what I listen to whole game Eurorack: makes game waste of time Eurorack: brand is 2/10 with smite Eurorack: yi is not fighting, Eurorack: there is a reason yi is always banned rank Eurorack: yi afk Eurorack: now moving Eurorack: he fights now so you cannot report him Eurorack: wow 1 death in 31 mins, a new record! Eurorack: hmmm Eurorack: 6/7 is like 0/1 Eurorack: hahahaahah Eurorack: got ya Eurorack: yep you being carried Eurorack: well Eurorack: 6/8 is like 0/2 to those that know the game Eurorack: dude wanted me so bad!!! Eurorack: yi keeps doing the afk thing, takes fun out of game Post-Game Eurorack: he kept going afk, why should he be mad? Players cursing and harassing me. Toxic and they give me a chat ban??? Doesn't Riot read the logs of the toxic behavior player are subjected to before they decide to chat ban them/
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