Riot needs to remove chat from this game. It's causing teen suicides.

5 People Who DIED Over League Of Legends
We all love League of Legends but would you die for it? Unfortunately some people have whether they wanted to or not. Remember to stay safe out there and protect yourself on the rift and outside the rift. You may feed in game but no need to feed irl.
This community is so toxic, and the report system is so fucked, you'll often get 4 people reporting a new player because they fed and because that one player tries to defend themselves vs a torrent of abuse and because 4 ppl report them for it they get banned and the toxic people who ruin this game for everyone (and were likely the cause of their team losing) get off scott free, because theyve played for years and they only say small bits and know how to work the system and have high honor. The honor system, reports system everything should just go. chat should be deleted fullstop and failing that, have a chat filter installed that only allows you to say things pertinent to the game. there is no reason for riot to keep allowing this other than because they think it will make them more money because they know that young kids who dont know how harmful their words can be wont play if they cant abuse others. Why am I so passionate about this? I have a younger brother who also plays the game. Today one of his friends committed suicide, and it came to light that 3 of his **13 YEAR OLD** friends frequently self harm as a result of the abuse they receive during games. whether the game brings out feelings they have suppressed or whether it is just so toxic it does this alone, Riot have a duty to address this issue and quite frankly so far their attempts are half arsed. Even their customer support is ridden with bad attitude and passive aggressive mentality. Toxicity is ruining this game and children's lives. Riot need to grow a fucking pair of balls and fix this issue instead of distracting everyone with new champs and rebranding. I'm sorry but if you can't be sensitive to this issue then you're part of the problem.
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