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9 days ago I finished farming coins by playing ARAMS, and I just want to talk about the state of the player base from what I have seen. Unfortunately, I have trouble writing essays, so I will just number these talking points. 1. The players are cringe. So many gg ezs 2. More cringe. I had a game where this player wanted the whole team to play around him. I told him positioning is more important for us to actually work together. He called me a hardstuck gold. I looked up his opgg and he was only plat 4. I literally had to facepalm. 3. When players are trying to flame you when they are mad, they tend to not be truthful. I wish I could remember a good example, but imagine a player talking crap to you and none of the recollections or analysis is not actually true. They just want to flame you. It is not conducive to the game. 4. The players have such huge egos or are sensitive and can't take any feedback. 90% of the time, players will ignore you if you try to give feedback and will do the opposite. Either the players can't understand your strategy, or they just don't want to "listen" to you. This makes it hard to continue the game cause there is no change or improvement of strategy. And if you have a negative kda, they will just flame you. One time I was playing with a Caitlyn. He/she was kiting a beefy champion, and she could have autoed him to death, but she decided to use q close to melee range. Needless to say, the feedback I gave on autoing did not get taken well, even though it was the simplest gameplay mechanic. Another game, there was a Karthus player who would not go into the enemy team and use e.I told him he would do more damage if he didn't worry about dying and just went in. He didn't say anything. Needless to say, he did the least damage on our team, which is pretty bad considering it's Karthus in ARAM, and we lost without being able to play the game. Also, I do have somewhat of an ego, but it's mostly related to the desire to win over my opponent. I do take my teammate's feedback and change my strategy, or argue if I think they are wrong and this had led me to an overall better personal and team performance and being able to win games I thought were impossible. Most of the time, I will ask my teammates to surrender if I am having no fun at all, and I will ask them how do they think we can win, literally trying to see if they have an actual plan. And sometimes they do and it works out. There is no harm in trying things out. 5. The players talk about kda so much to the point that it is absurd. I blame Riot on this one for exaggerating the significance of kda due to their e-sports stake. I mean, if you are playing ARAM, any game mode really, but especially ARAM, and especially playing a tank, is it really important you have a high kda given the amount of variables in the game and constant teamfights with some you do well in? I mean, you're not actually going to improve if you only focus on kda and not fight or are too scared to be "outplayed" by the opponent. The only reason the pros don't have more deaths in their games is because both sides are playing defensively to minimize the chances of snowball and have a more consistent avenue into the late game, and that isn't something a random 5 man team is able to coordinate. I mean, most of the time, the players in ARAM can't even let a Nasus stack his q and just take all of the minions with their crazy waveclear, and that is so bad because Nasus is really strong if he gets a lot of stack, and is fairly useless if he doesn't. **What I view as implication of this** League isn't optimized for the playerbase or for healthy gameplay and teamwork. Just test out a FFA mode for League. I mean, that's basically how most players view the game anyway. 1vs9 Or are the players just going to migrate to the upcoming FFA and 1vs1 games Riot is releasing?
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