I got banned for games that I did not play

(RESOLVED ESOLVEDR SOLVEDRE OLVEDRES LVEDRESO VEDRESOL EDRESOLV DRESOLVE) I had just hit plat, and I was feeling very happy. This was my ranked goal for the season so I was pretty done unless it was a custom with my friends. I got of League to go play Divinity. Some hours later I was still playing divinity when one of my friends joined my discord call to ask me why I was playing Yasuo, in ranked after I had said I was done with ranked. I was confused and live-streamed my Divinity game. He told me to check my profile, and when I did I saw that I was indeed playing ranked. It was ranked flex but it was still a little jarring knowing that the person was not me. I tried to log into my account during the game and I could not. I checked my match history and there was already a game there (not my game). It was a riven game in flex, and he played perfectly. I don't play riven, and my riven is much less than perfect the few times I have tried to play the champ. I was freaking out. It would not let me into my account, and every time I would log in I got an error. He finished his Yasuo game, with a remarkably high score. I was worried but I had just changed my password so I thought everything would be alright and I would never see from it again. I wake up today to try to log in and it said I had been permabanned for the use of third party applications. Watching any of my soloq vods will show that I don't use third-party apps. I will try to do as much as I can to prove my innocence. For reference, I live in, with a brother who used to live with me, but no longer does. It is very possible that he has my account, but when the even occurred I checked with him immediately, and he was playing league on his account (he is also a member of the discord in the picture below). below is a discord link of me expressing surprise in chat, keep in mind I was in a call at the time, at some point when one of my friends gets home I can offer voice call logs (plays.tv) of what I was saying at the time. below are the 2 games that were not me, and I believe are the cause of the ban. I think siewwa might have been someone I knew in the past, but I am unsure, and won't accept my friend request to verify https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/43381230 this is the support ticket I sent in. and this is proof of my trying to get into my account to change my password. https://p19.zdusercontent.com/attachment/43400/VuGBhLlTSvrANyUxpDmhUzaAv?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..IIxdfh76FOmEjofRy24LdA.E0r8bm0i5IW7PzE6AQlx2t8zCahvo789X7mx7eniJD5JwQMpYHd0sFcXyNpb1v3yLJEq0S1p7a7_DfoZKa7suxfqSwzQJ0GMI9dzcfvwcJ3Av4X5v2O-iwrH_k-bX4jbXD2uTX1eL0qYReR5AmB5rErpA2q-uUMhDJtZfmuWY3RmeIIyTTnd1A9NIp2hGvhCpuBRwYh1zUKwt99PR06Hwuify_GjH5c3NOrWbmLuPw4Fl2j-cm8iGyZ8b9aTHDLFo_0u83PT06yCcIdKB8cYYYJRMBS_qeyrD-548FHKqUI.bHEu7U8L7ybuXpnQSk1Ddg https://p19.zdusercontent.com/attachment/43400/L2pIHaS2ohe2gUtzqij28AFcY?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..kh7bx833N1W6Xf7XQcPy4w.ZpQJ5MqQansatFh2XWpHDKBA9JhmekyVSLH19E9TRKkSUTClJV5CfEkuSDGCFqJHQnDSUknJ7K__lw3PUxEikO9bfGNPL9bIJi7GyvaV5w5p9QXavM4GnQ9fiIRUMgvyiAw6eOZJHzx8XzJzjDaG1G8h2oXi_eisUUjkIzH173Ty6X4YMRpWYWLzimw6SSj2e4HRE4CIutWxII-hJ_pg51FHkU8TgxcRe894p2tSFPyvW06NliUyntFm0LO6W-Mg_AijUYyjwcd3rH4BJP-EDzK5FnSObeTbM76SwRXUhy4.yS9t6tCs35s1EQgNyYPX_Q https://p19.zdusercontent.com/attachment/43400/VuGBhLlTSvrANyUxpDmhUzaAv?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..IIxdfh76FOmEjofRy24LdA.E0r8bm0i5IW7PzE6AQlx2t8zCahvo789X7mx7eniJD5JwQMpYHd0sFcXyNpb1v3yLJEq0S1p7a7_DfoZKa7suxfqSwzQJ0GMI9dzcfvwcJ3Av4X5v2O-iwrH_k-bX4jbXD2uTX1eL0qYReR5AmB5rErpA2q-uUMhDJtZfmuWY3RmeIIyTTnd1A9NIp2hGvhCpuBRwYh1zUKwt99PR06Hwuify_GjH5c3NOrWbmLuPw4Fl2j-cm8iGyZ8b9aTHDLFo_0u83PT06yCcIdKB8cYYYJRMBS_qeyrD-548FHKqUI.bHEu7U8L7ybuXpnQSk1Ddg Hopefully this works because I actually enjoy this game. It is fun with friends and it feels accomplishing to climb soloq. I really don't want all the time I have put into this game to just disappear.
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