You wouldnt belive what these people do with the PBE!

The PBE is supposed to be a testing grounds for new content but its really filled with a bunch of people who AFK and int games because they dont care about any reports made against them. I get that some people are of different skill levels and get matched and that's fine but these aren't those people they just get mad and intentionally feed and its hard to test the balance of champs and changes made to them when there's a lack of team aspect to it. You're supposed to have an Honor level 3 or higher to participate which is a fair level but people who use the PBE act like honor level 2 or below. Its really frustrating to wait 15 mins to get into a game because people keep dodging because someone took the new champ everyone wants to play. Or people constantly declining the queue for reasons i dont understand. Not to mention that most of my games that i actually get into end with at least 1 or 2 AFK's on average. Im not sure if riot cares about this since its just a testing site but i think it should be more of a privilage or at least more strict. My idea for a solution is that if necessary, connect the punishments between the accounts. If riot can link the punishments such as dodge timers to their actualy league accounts that would discourage some people from just dodging and playing on their main account. The same should go for reports such as Toxicity, AFK, racial slurs, and other forms of hate speech. They should also make it so people cant get into a game on the PBE then AFK and proceed to go on the main servers. If that seems a little too excessive then just being more firm with reports overall would help. I havent even been on PBE that long and the community has given me such a bad first impression. I really like testing new things and making sure no bugs are found or even doing crazy stuff, but its almost impossible to test against real players with the poor sportsmanship that is carried in every game.
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