Looking for some help; first time punishment

Can someone point out to me where my chat is "below standards" and explicity, punishment worthy please :) First time penalty, playing casually since S3. Game 1 Pre-Game Revelstoke: jg In-Game Revelstoke: remake anyway... (reply to someone after Sup didnt connect for 2 mins) Revelstoke: wow Revelstoke: just chase her down you have a stun.. Revelstoke: zzzz Revelstoke: well you know i get to lose jg as well Revelstoke: zz (jungle invade, we went 1 for 1 and their top got out. I use zzz whenever someone is "sleeping") Revelstoke: your nasus Revelstoke: you farm Revelstoke: you have an aoe Revelstoke: you unfreeze it Revelstoke: are you just afking at fountain now? (Nasus complains about his lane being frozen, I think he had already quit by the time i typed this, it was literally a suggestion to unfreeze it with W spam) Revelstoke: yeah can we ff at 15 pls Revelstoke: look at nasus's cs Revelstoke: idk what game you are playing jinx Revelstoke: this is lost lost lost Revelstoke: please look at cs, kills towers, anything Revelstoke: and jungle Revelstoke: and towers Revelstoke: so, losing, losing, losing (Nasus D/C message comes thru. Negativity abounds, Nasus doesn't reconnect all game. I was 1/2/0 at this point.) Revelstoke: no Revelstoke: good thing i m the one who gave up Revelstoke: your sitting afk in lane (Jinx blows up at me, starts threatening to report me for giving up, I'm still playing, IE; farming camps. Jinx isn't playing just typing angry things at tower) Revelstoke: hey look man please report me Revelstoke: im the problem totally Revelstoke: ooooh im really scared Revelstoke: so what about the nasus who quit? Revelstoke: hows that work Revelstoke: HE'S NOT CONNEXTED Revelstoke: he literally said, i dont care about top Revelstoke: im not going to cs (The last two lines are me quoting the nasus, not me saying that for clarity) Revelstoke: making people sit thru 4v5's should be reportable Revelstoke: jinx i realize you are just trolling and trying to tilt me now Revelstoke: but i didnt ruin this game Revelstoke: nasus refusing to play top ruined the game, i just noticed it earlier than you Revelstoke: can you guys just end, nasus has afk'd and isnt coming back Revelstoke: and jinx is in a hurry to report me Revelstoke: no, somebody wont Revelstoke: eh, not so much with riven or yi camped in our jungle so i cant get any farm Revelstoke: please Post-Game Revelstoke: 4v5's are fun for nobody I play about 6 games a day, my attitude is similarly negative everytime there is a quitter, but I haven't got into a fight about it for quite some time. I don't know if its relevant but I hit a honor level up the day before, so I feel like the entire punishment is based off this one game?
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