Wrongfully Banned Due to False Reports!

So I just played a game where my adc mid and jg ganged up on me and got me Banned. I played poorly lvl 1 and gave up first blood. My adc then tilted and starting making up lies and my mid and jg fed into that because they were playing poorly. They kept typing I was afk to enemy which i wasn't, can even watch the game. They died a combined 10 deaths in the first few mins of the game. Basically they were using racist comments and kept typing every chance they had to influence the other players. I think I kept pretty cool and tried to finish out the game. I dont have a history of toxicity and believe i only had a chat suspension once about 3 months ago. I got 9 false reports probably for being pretty calm and only 2 chat logs of poor sportsmanship yet Im being banned? This is utter abuse of the system. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=wontontonton Game 1 In-Game wontontonton: hmm wontontonton: gg wontontonton: lol wontontonton: you shouldve pushed the wave or started e wontontonton: lol wontontonton: but you were at tower lol wontontonton: sure wontontonton: dont push now omg wontontonton: lol wontontonton: what a game wontontonton: can we just ff plz wontontonton: lol wontontonton: i said one thing wontontonton: then you shut up too wontontonton: it was you buddy lol wontontonton: how is it me wontontonton: mf was at tower wontontonton: when they leaswshed wontontonton: how am i afk lol wontontonton: how am i afk lol wontontonton: annie getting mad and blaming every for her losing lane? wontontonton: lol i never said anthing lol wontontonton: LOL wontontonton: sb players lol wontontonton: how am i afk lol? wontontonton: like you at lvl 1 wontontonton: keep making up shiit buddy wontontonton: its you lol wontontonton: omg wontontonton: omg wontontonton: lol wontontonton: its so you wontontonton: never kid wontontonton: lol wontontonton: its you 2 wontontonton: you guys weird wontontonton: how does me affect you losing mid so hard lol wontontonton: you died 3 times in 2 mins wontontonton: and youre blaming wontontonton: this annie blaming me lol wontontonton: its this annie and mf wontontonton: this annie omg wontontonton: youre lower rank and played more games and have lower kda for adc wontontonton: whys that then wontontonton: you ahve more deaths than me lol wontontonton: you guys ar ejust a horrible duo wontontonton: stop complaining wontontonton: how am i trolling wontontonton: wow wontontonton: like im playing wontontonton: this mf was at tower lvl 1when they leashed wontontonton: how is that my fault wontontonton: no i wasnt wontontonton: wow wontontonton: so now youre going to lie wontontonton: you honestly got problems wontontonton: you shouldve pushed for lvl 2 first duh wontontonton: they just walked up to me wontontonton: and you stood there wontontonton: im playing you guys are typing wontontonton: 3 players with the worse score playing the blame game lol Post-Game wontontonton: plz do wontontonton: i never said antyhing negative wontontonton: was you and annie and mf typing all game wontontonton: i was playing the game wontontonton: clearly you are wontontonton: typing all game wontontonton: instead of just playing the game wontontonton: its you wontontonton: what did i do or say all game? wontontonton: LOL wontontonton: speaking from experiene wontontonton: you two are so weird wontontonton: you fed all game and blame me wontontonton: never said anything wontontonton: you gusy are honestly LOSERS wontontonton: bye LOSER Game 2 In-Game wontontonton: jsut back wontontonton: ffs wontontonton: every lane losing wontontonton: you couldve gotten first kill if you ignited wontontonton: muting you jax wontontonton: this jax is so useless wontontonton: you have 90 cs lol wontontonton: jax youre horrible wontontonton: youve been free farming all day and losing wontontonton: its you buddy wontontonton: omg wontontonton: useless honestly wontontonton: you died llv wontontonton: to vlad wontontonton: LOL wontontonton: why do i get these bronze players wontontonton: its free wontontonton: our jax is papaer wontontonton: better than you for sure Post-Game wontontonton: wow wontontonton: this cait and jax are pretty delusional I challenge anyone to look into this account and prove otherwise. this is completely wrong and abuse of the system and bully mentality.
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