A statement about Nightblue

So I have disliked this guy ever since he decided it was a good idea to have two personalities. The one on stream which seems friendly and the one offstream which is toxic AF and will hold champion select hostage if he doesn't get his way (I have personally experienced this when I refused to give him jungle). He feels untouchable by the system because picking something like Yuumi top because "my team is playing for fun" is not bannable in high elo and 100% should be. If Riot really wants to solve this issue they need to unban my boi Nubrac and hit NB3s main account with a perma. He has gone on too long being toxic in games and holding games hostage that he is literally more of a deficit to the team than a positive, and getting him in champ select makes me want to dodge. He's skated the system for far too long, lets hit him with some reality that he isn't untouchable. Also I am pretty sure it is against Riot policy to snap ban an account without looking into the situation, pretty sure whoever it was needs to be fired on the spot. And I'm also positive conspiring against someone to get them wrongfully banned is against TOS, and is one of the most toxic POS moves you can do to another player. Also isn't this the same guy who accused a certain streamer of viewbotting, and accused a player having a semi-bad game of wintrading? I dunno, tired of seeing him in drama, just ban the kid so we can move on without him.
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