Unfair ban

I am jungle, all 3 lanes feeding, top laner 0/12, midlaner 1/12 and support 0/6 and adc 2/6, and me, the best kda in my team, 4/6 and i want to ff,the game is obviously lost, and it is a normal game so losing it doesnt matter. I send ff vote at 15 and 2/5 wont surrender, i seriously dont understand why people always want to waste time playing a lost game that isnt even enjoyable due to the nature of this game, you will get blown up without counterplay if their whole team is fed. I start asking those 2 players why the fuck they are wasting mine, and 2 other people's time when the game is lost, at this point i should of just went afk but after so many hours wasted from these shit players not surrendering i couldnt handle it anymore and i started flaming them. At the 18 minute mark the other person finally surrendered so the vote was 4/1 but the game still wouldnt end, you can literally be taken hostage by 1 person 20 mins in just because they think they are the only ones that matter. This type of behavior is definitely worse than seeing a couple of insults from a stranger, because with the insults you could just mute, while not surrendering wastes your time and tilts you and creates an awful experience. The worst part is that you can try to leave a game where you are taken hostage by 1 or 2 players and you will still get punished, you can try to make your team ff and you will still get punished, there is no way around this. Riot actually expects you to act like a robot in times like these where not ffing when the game is obviously lost is the same as getting an inting teammate, as they both tilt you and waste your time. Not ffing should be a reportable offense aswell. I could just go afk and save my time but i would get a leaverbuster and it would end up worse. This is a stupid ban and not ffing is way worse.
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