Seriously? 10 Game Suspension For This?

Game 1 NegatronX: cute body guard NegatronX: wtf? NegatronX: yay early gank now i cant fight gg NegatronX: can i get a gank please? NegatronX: ty NegatronX: there goes top NegatronX: why is morg top? NegatronX: please morg NegatronX: let me farm NegatronX: morg NegatronX: please stop farming my lane NegatronX: why is she trolling? NegatronX: we could win if people would sotp flaming and trolling NegatronX: im done NegatronX: hes way too far ahead i cant get a gank NegatronX: and i lost a ton of xp with morg top NegatronX: i asked for a gank before my turret went down NegatronX: he comes to me NegatronX: he can dive NegatronX: i never blamed you NegatronX: all i said was i asked for a gank NegatronX: and you never came NegatronX: i asked for it when you were at red buff NegatronX: and you went bot >_< NegatronX: anyway it doesnt matter NegatronX: non stop diving... we cant win NegatronX: ignite doesnt matter for dives NegatronX: ganks help NegatronX: you still havent came top for a gank NegatronX: how many times do i have to ping? NegatronX: YOU NEVER CAME AND I GOT GANKED 3 TIMES NegatronX: what dont you understand about gank? NegatronX: im done trying to explain why you gank a trynd early NegatronX: you dont comprehend shit obviously NegatronX: sure thing... NegatronX: i never blamed i asked for a gank NegatronX: and he refused to come NegatronX: so trynd snowballed and can dive NegatronX: having tp has nothing to do with stoping diving NegatronX: im just waiting for this to be over tbh NegatronX: morg you trolled please stop tlaking NegatronX: k morg muted NegatronX: children in this elo... NegatronX: morg i never siad you werent agreeing with me you are just toxic about it... NegatronX: and taking my xp when im behind puts me even further behind NegatronX: i am going to put this as slow as i can so you can comprehend... NegatronX: HE NegatronX: WAS NegatronX: DIVING NegatronX: ME NegatronX: UNDER NegatronX: TURRET Game 2 NegatronX: tried potting and didnt realize it was on 3 -_- NegatronX: zac mid NegatronX: zac mid again NegatronX: noc please gank when you can NegatronX: i wasnt NegatronX: i was nowhere near when you went in i was on my way NegatronX: stop counter jungling NegatronX: its not working NegatronX: dude NegatronX: im just saying NegatronX: youve tried it multiple times and died every time NegatronX: if you went in with your adc you could have done something tho NegatronX: you have ult and a shield and a snare NegatronX: why are kids so toxic after this last patch? NegatronX: i dont get it... NegatronX: wheres your turret morg? NegatronX: k you can get muted too... NegatronX: lol my Q took red so shes flaming NegatronX: gotta love the flamers NegatronX: wtf stunned me for 10 seconds? NegatronX: anyone any ideas why i was stunned for 10 seconds? NegatronX: i was trying to farm up and she took it so i took her red NegatronX: i need gold too NegatronX: plz do NegatronX: i did nothing Game 3 NegatronX: lets do this thresh NegatronX: just let the child play mid before he has to go to bed NegatronX: doesnt surprise me NegatronX: actually im surprised it was this late NegatronX: then go play WoW NegatronX: wtf NegatronX: great time to get 2700 ms NegatronX: wtf man... NegatronX: this lag is bullshit NegatronX: finally lag gone NegatronX: cant farm solo against them NegatronX: next time you troll can you at least play a champ you know please? NegatronX: im against ashe zyra NegatronX: you have 1 kill NegatronX: i have 3 assists NegatronX: so you picked into him? NegatronX: 1 more minute... NegatronX: i have no support... its 2v1 over and over again NegatronX: for? NegatronX: k so hes gonna troll and not let me farm NegatronX: gg NegatronX: thresh you left me alone bot lane... NegatronX: and you want to report us NegatronX: first of all second of all asking for reports is harassment and bannable If this is considered more toxic than the people who were flaming, using racial slurs and harassing players then this game and community have gone to shit and Riot needs to either actually read reports and take care of it instead of a computer or shut down the game because they clearly do not care and refuse to take the time to read reports. What a joke Riot. I don't think I will ever take this company serious again.
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