Buff Stealing?

Okay so I was just suspended for a 2 week period. Why you ask? Because I "Intentionally Fed" in a normal game. I was playing JG and at level 1 they steal my red buff, no big deal except for it was on purpose. I ask for a leash on raptors from the brand that stole my red buff. Of course he ignores me so I try to go to wolves and of course die. Even with smite, Wukong is squishy and i started Q. Anyways I die a few times to my camps because of this and the whole time Brand and his Duo are flaming up a storm in all chat calling me a feeder and saying how I was inting because they "Accidentally" stole my red buff. At that point I had it and tried to invade the enemy JG so I could make up some gold and time. Instead I am greeted by "/all Wukong is in your jg, get ready for an int" and of course this gets me killed 3v1. After the game is over I am 1/12/1. My team and the enemy team all agree to report me for inting and of course the auto feedback system gets me suspended. This was my first ever offense and I get 2 week suspension. I have had bad games where i go 2/14 and dont get reported for inting. So instead of the real toxic players getting punished instead I am the one that gets punished. Great game riot. Wasted 10$ for a skin only not able to use it for 2 weeks.
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