Griefing In Champ Select.

I'm sure we've all been there. You highlight the champ you want to pick before banning, and some Ahole decides to ban your champ either because they weren't paying attention or they're just being dicks. In my last game someone did the same to me simply because I wouldn't give them the role I was playing after politely saying no sorry. Then he picked Udyr and said "go on then" and went on to afk farm the entire game while coming into other lanes to steal farm and doing nothing. While also saying things in chat to try to make me mad because he knows he's not going to get punished for what he did, and he probably won't. My question is, why hasn't riot implemented a system that stops people from doing this ? If I highlighted a champ before the ban phase, that means I want to play that champ. So why should anyone on my team be able to ban that champ for whatever reason ? It's such a simple notion. If a champ is picked before bans, no one on my team should be able to ban that champ unless I pick another one. Riot please.

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