Doing the exact same thing as other players

I got chat banned for doing the exact same thing as the Veigar was. The ban I feel isn't really worth it seeing how the Veigar was also being toxic in chat. The issue is I don't really report that stuff. I know my time didn't report me for it because a good chunk of them where flaming each other and I only really focused on the enemy laner. All I really said in a few words, is that 1. I have been ganked 12 times in 12 minutes Veigar, of course im gonna be mad, 2. I'm mostly likely better overall in lane than the Veigar because he only killed me 3 times out of the 12 ganks that came into my lane, and I was constantly pushing him. While he preceded to do the same thing, but take it in a very sarcastic tone. I don't think I should get punished for doing something that was being done right back to me, just because I don't press the report button for someone being equally toxic. Here's the log Game 1 Pre-Game MossTheif: ashe is dummy strong as an adc right now In-Game MossTheif: toastinos pizza rolls MossTheif: kayne u like MossTheif: not MossTheif: Why? MossTheif: his come mid MossTheif: 4 times MossTheif: wait MossTheif: 5 times MossTheif: 6 times MossTheif: wtf MossTheif: veigar needs a camp MossTheif: 7 times MossTheif: in 8 minutes MossTheif: nah just shows that im good enough to require MossTheif: a camo MossTheif: constantyl; MossTheif: 7 really MossTheif: wait MossTheif: 9 MossTheif: gj MossTheif: 10 ganks MossTheif: 10 ganks mate MossTheif: in like MossTheif: 11 minutes MossTheif: thats a gank a minute MossTheif: just killed twitch MossTheif: veigar MossTheif: i want u to be ganked MossTheif: 10 times MossTheif: and not be mad MossTheif: haven't said anything 2 u ashe MossTheif: im only mad MossTheif: about camp MossTheif: kayn MossTheif: came mid MossTheif: 10 times MossTheif: in 12 minutes MossTheif: yes but afking doesn't help your case MossTheif: 4 "carrying" MossTheif: i lost 0 solo MossTheif: cause fucking MossTheif: kayn wouldn't leav em MossTheif: mate u know reporting 4 thoose wordes MossTheif: thats nunu MossTheif: not jax MossTheif: mate get ganked 12 times MossTheif: and u would be mad MossTheif: im suprised MossTheif: i didn't die more MossTheif: like MossTheif: u only got 3 kills MossTheif: and same deaths MossTheif: with a camp MossTheif: 12 ganks MossTheif: is a lot veigar MossTheif: 3 kills MossTheif: not so much MossTheif: veigar u still boosted MossTheif: because u think your a better laner than me MossTheif: funny MossTheif: 12 ganks MossTheif: kayn MossTheif: Crushed my lane MossTheif: u did nothing MossTheif: u were being horassed MossTheif: all of lane MossTheif: only when kayn MossTheif: came MossTheif: and u know im right MossTheif: thats the sad part MossTheif: exactly MossTheif: u sayin stop MossTheif: Show MossTheif: U know MossTheif: Im right MossTheif: I don't speak bs MossTheif: I know im over extended MossTheif: but u MossTheif: U R TRASH Post-Game MossTheif: don't u think MossTheif: its funny MossTheif: that someone MossTheif: thinks their good MossTheif: but gets more help MossTheif: than i do in pre calc MossTheif: thats veigar MossTheif: 12 ganks MossTheif: by the kayn MossTheif: in 12 minutes MossTheif: i would 1v1 MossTheif: u so bad MossTheif: that MossTheif: u would not wanna play league MossTheif: again MossTheif: god day sir MossTheif: hope u like gettting stuck MossTheif: seya

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