Perma banned for a single insult while being the one that was insulted all game

Hello, i played many many games today with my friends, but yesterday i played a ranked game in which i was galio jungle cause the enemy team took 4 ap champions. I started doing the jungle camo alone because Zed our top laner was afk so i struggled to do the camps on my own and lost valuable time. As the game went on i was behind their jungler, zed was insulting me aswell as other teamates threatning to report me because i did not gank early, for obvious reasons. I got insulted much much more than i insulted anyone, i wrote a single insult at the end of the game that wasnt pointed at anyone but just a vent. I deserve a suspension, or even better a mute because of my foul language, but a perma ban while i was attacked? Heres the PERMA BAN worthy chat log i got Game 1 Pre-Game Nagake: they have 4 ap In-Game Nagake: ty for the help Nagake: expect the same amount back Nagake: for not getting help from zed ? Nagake: neither in jungle nor on drake ? Nagake: i expected 1 bit of help Nagake: from the team Nagake: but go ahead report me Nagake: its my fault Nagake: yeah, afk on start so i had to solo Nagake: indeed Nagake: cause no help from our dear zed Nagake: yep you were afk Nagake: :) Nagake: i took ap tank to counter their team but all help i got was report threats Nagake: we will lose like this Nagake: ty galio ? Nagake: most of you deserve to lose Nagake: ashe is good Nagake: lol yeah report me for zed being afk and not helping me start jungle and then ofc its my fault Nagake: brain damaged

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