Can we PLEASE, for the lof of god, do something about AFKs in ARAM? I'm so tired of it.

Please let us end the game faster or vote for an earlier surrender or SOMETHING. It's ruining my enjoyment of the games. It makes the matches unnecessarily harder to win, even with the bonus EXP. Not only are tanks overpowered in ARAM, but every time I get an AFK with at least ONE tank in their team, we automatically lose because they can run us over no matter how far ahead we are. We can't catch up even if we go 11/3. But if I got AFK because I don't want to deal with it, I get punished for "not being a good sport." My only option is to stand there and auto a minion once in a while to avoid the AFK warning. Fuck that. I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT, RIOT.

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