Banning Picked Champs

I am absoulutely disgusted that is so easy to ban someone someone on your team is wanting to play. I'm fairly new to league i am level 34 and it has been a horrendous amount of times i get into a game, someone asks for my lane, i say no cause it's draft and obviously i want to play the lane i picked and the one that got picked for me. Then the kid will freak out, be toxic and then ban who ever i am wanting to play. This causes me to get upset and then have to dodge because of one kid and they get no penalty while I do. It's horrific it's happened 4 out of my 10 last ques and im over it. There has to be something to prevent this its completly ruining a fun game and theres no action taken against the offender. As for a solution i have ideas but im also not a game developer but i was thinking that when you first pick your champion it should be impossible for someone on your team to ban OR if it does occur you can remake the game. I think the second option is nicer going along with the fact i guess riot has no care for people doing this giving them no offense. but anything to prevent this fad or supress it would make me feel safe to put money into a game i feel im not gonna get pissed at and delete.
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