How is riot allowing this player to play the game?

My "friend" who i play alot of my games has been so rude and toxic in all the games we play. I reported their account a few weeks ago. Got back this: Hey godyoonmin, I'm Scarlët and I'm on the case! I am sorry that you had to play with such negativity and as from your friend :( After an investigation on (the persons name), it's time for a shakedown. Thank you for this report! Just to let you know, feel free to use the report feature as it is very efficient towards the ones you want to report ^.^ Reports you make provide us with valuable tracking information and help to escalate players to our attention for investigation. Each report brings violators of the Summoner's Code one step closer to punishment and, hopefully, toward reformed behaviour. Just to know, sadly I am not able to provide you with the outcome of my investigation because this is confidential information. Thanks for understanding! Anyway, I will investigate for you, as it is my sheriff's duty! Have a lovely day! Cheers! Sincerely, Scarlët Player Support Specialist DON'T CHA? .maybe someday when i learn how to edit pictures on computer xd.I will put a screenshot. Anyways. This was on august 7th. It's 22nd august and this player still hasn't recieved a chat restriction or a ban.NOTHING. The last game with this player. They told me to kms.Have told other player they are r%%%%%ed. all kinds of shit and riot be like: thats all%%%%% IG? also riot: clowns I just made a new report only to get a bot to dm me back saying yadi yadi ya good day mate. Ye u made 1 report in the last 20 days blabla.Can't even press request a human. so all i want is to hear what you guys think? Should this player be allowed to still play the game and keep being toxic or should they recieve a punishment? edit 23 aug- They just told me on snapchat they got banned thx riot. finally did smthing good
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