The banning system

Might be an unpopular opinion, but I really don't think that the current automated ban-bot is helping the game at all. (This is I lie, I think its hot garbage) The truly toxic (and unavoidable) behavior doesn't get picked up at all, because it is much harder to track. (Inting, giving up, blah blah), but I'd hope that I'm not in the minority in thinking that a tilted jungler going in, pinging, and then backing off to let you die before getting a kill just so he can complain that you are doing bad, is worse then typing "Fuck" in all chat. Or a lane griefing your jungle camps because you didn't make it to gank in time. Or when someone is standing still in lane to flame another teammate and dies.... or any of the hundreds of constant toxic behaviors that people go through. Even less full on toxic ones, like not attacking the nexus at the end of the game to get style points in have a far greater and far more unavoidable impact that any words can have on the game. Especially when the mute button exists. There is no button that stops our sona afk split pushing lanes because the adc asked her to play less aggressive. In a game where pings are far more effective for communications with strangers then stopping to type for a most situations, and voice communication is all but required for full team play, I think the chat should be opt in or similar to smite maybe? I personally don't see the chat used for anything constructive, and would rather it not even show up then have it there literally begging me to be toxic to that support ez stealing my cs and feeding because I wouldn't trade him roles. (This is where I lose what few people made it through) I'd like to see bans lifted, and doing the probationary thing again. The last few seasons have been the perfect breeding ground for angry and toxic behavior, I get that, and the new system really put the hammer to a lot of accounts that weren't pumping out half the toxicity that other accounts they let through. I don't think ANYBODY. Should get banned for anything said in chat. Maybe those ridiculous 40 game restrictions, but the game has a mute button. You can mute anybody, and that removes 100% of the toxicity involved from the chat portion. If you are over 18, and would rather hit the report button just to take away from someone else, instead of the mute button to make it better for yourself I don't like you. /rant
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