I dont want to be toxic anymore

Hey community, I'm a player who's playing this game since season 5 and since season 8 i started being toxic as f*ck. In my opinion its not only my fault that every 4th game ends in a mental breakdown. I tried out your anti tilt tips but i think its impossible if there are anyways people that are running down your games, troll in lane because they're auto fill or just mad from their last games. In my opinion the punishment system isn't hard enough i mean if u write in text chat the magical word with 3 letters you will get banned for lifetime but if u play your promos and you get a player who is running down any lane or is trolling the entire team and gets reported nothing happens what a philosophy do you follow? This is my last try to keep playing this game so please write some anti tilt tips in comments and I will check them out if they're not working i think i should quit this game. For conclusion in my opinion the main problem is in the community's behavior that is making this game way less fun than it could be. I really like this game but humanity is so annoying pls help me{{champion:32}}
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