Is this reportable?

Is this twitch's behavior reportable? He doesn't want to end the game and so he sits back on purpose, pings us to back off turret, and says "try harder ez" because he wasn't going to help since he didn't want to end the game on purpose. We almost lost by the way because the enemy killed me and kennen and started pushing down and almost taking our nexus because of the twitch being cocky and not wanting to end. What happened in game I was playing arams and there was a gold twitch on my team. The game went well and we were winning but all of a sudden towards the end, we killed the whole enemy team. There was 3 who were going to revive in 10 seconds but we had plenty of time to take down the nexus with the amount of fire power we had as me, kennen, and twitch. Me and kennen were hitting the nexus turrets when suddenly twitch sits in the back pinging us to back off and says "try harder ez". Me and kennen die as the enemy resurrect. Me and kennen almost taking down the nexus. But we could have taken it if twitch actually cooperated. But he was being annoying pinging us to back off and telling us to try harder as if we aren't supposed to try to win in aram? I mean, i want to win, so why does someone have to give me an ugly attitude for wanting to win? Of course im gonna attack the tower, why you gotta sit back ping me and try to make me feel bad for doing so? It's the goal of the game.
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