Can i get ma LP back riot

So, recently got into a ranked game where two people were busy crying about how they didn't want to play the game anymore for different reasons, our top laner was crying because their lane was "boring" apparently being able to zone out the enemy laner to the point where they couldn't even farm was boring for them, anyways the top laner was busy crying about how the game was boring at 20:00 and the adc was crying about how the game was unwinnable because they lost lane, yada yada... the normal stuff. Anyhow both of them ended up giving up on the game and one of them started inting because they didn't want to keep playing. The game having turned into a 6v4 eventually ended up being a lost who would have guessed. Is there any way I could get the LP back for that game, seriously just because you're having a bad day doesn't mean you should ruin it for anyone else.
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